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Gallery Notes

My goal is to create a sense of empathy so the viewer becomes an advocate of the photo subject.  I include all camera information and location per image. Holding back information does not advance the greater good. 'THE GREATER GOOD !!! '

Images sort by most recently added or modified, unless the gallery is a unique event or location that will not be updated.. To see the latest additions select those galleries at the top of each drop down selection. The images within a gallery are sorted by new to old. Those at the top of the Gallery are the newest. The photo taken date, modification date, camera settings, and location map can be seen by selecting 'photo details'.


Searches will span Galleries and Folders for an easy find. Please enjoy the images from around the world and comment via the web site. Thanks in advance for your thoughts.

Site Map

The site has four major sections;


Comments - user reviews

Exhibition - Images on display and links to images

Site Map -  Here, now, this

Contact - contains an email link 


Contains the largest collection of folders and multiple galleries. Location contains Landscape, Cityscapes, Astrophotography, Seascapes, and special projects that are tied to a location. 


Includes  a Series on Reddish Egrets and other shoots by animal. The reddish egret series captures a strange fishing technique that has captivated me for a long time.


Contains fine art photography in addition to special projects , portraits, and abstract compositions. The Imagined galleries are located in a folder under the Inspired drop down menu. They contain abstract images that were created using special techniques . There are additional folders under the Inspired tab that contain galleries of special events.  The Family galleries require a password. Most images in the Inspired and Imagined galleries are not for sale. If you have an interest in acquiring one of these images, please contact me. 

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